Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Biggest Loser Season 15 Premiere - Second Chances

Can you believe it's the 15th season of The Biggest Loser already?  It still seems like Season 1 wasn't all that long ago...but here we are at #15!

This season, the theme is Second Chances - which is more than appropriate.  We have people who've weathered a variety of tragedies, lost weight before but gained it back, and even former world class athletes and American Idol winner Ruben Studdard.  It sounds like most of us...well, except for the world class athlete or American Idol part.  But the stories are something we can all relate to.  We have all made mistakes and/or have dealt with devastating circumstances.  We ALL need that second chance.

In this first episode, we learn about two major changes to the show.  First of all, the trainers got to interview potential contestants and choose the final 15.  Then after the initial workout, Bob, Dolvett, and Jillian were able to pick their teams.  I feel this is a good thing; it enables the trainers to connect better with each player, rather than be thrown together with people they may not get along with.  Oh, I'm sure there will still be conflicts.  (This is reality TV, after all!)  But each trainer already feels some sort of connection with their team members.  And that can only help in the success department.

The other big change is the trainer save.  Each trainer gets to save one player on their team this season, when they feel it is best to do so.  Bob commented that strategy will come into play with this, but that's not the only issue.  It has to be hard to worry about a player feeling that you thought they "weren't worth being saved" when saving people's lives is the premise of the show.  It will be interesting to see how each save is used.

On a personal level, a couple of things really stood out for me tonight.  One is, of course, the whole Second Chance theme.  I know I've been through a lot in life, and there are some people who look down on me who don't even know the whole story.  I suspect this is also true for the contestants and all of my friends at home.  There are so many things we keep buried inside that need to be let out.  We all have those inner scars that we've let hinder our progress in life, and we've let people that barely know us determine how we feel about ourselves.  Well - no more of that!  It's time we all look inside of ourselves and realize just how special each of us is...how each person has a unique set of issues yet is worthy of a second chance.  We all deserve that, no matter what.

My second revelation came from Ruben's statement to Dolvett about always being called Big Ruben, and that it's time to lose the "big" part and just be Ruben.  Think about the labels we've let other people put on us - big, fat, weak, stupid, lazy, etc.  (I've even known someone to call me or others untalented or unprofessional - false labels, given just because the person was jealous of some success any of us has had.)  It's important that we don't let these adjectives define us, because we are more than what some misguided soul thinks of us.  What labels to you need to shed in order to be the best you can be?

For the first elimination, Jillian's white team came in last, leaving one player below the red line.  He was supposed to automatically go home, but Jill used her save because she knew how hard he had worked and wanted him to have more time on the ranch.  So we still have all 15 players going into next week.

What are your thoughts on trainers' input and the save?  Please share with me, along with the labels you're going to rid yourself of on your journey.  Looking forward to an amazing season!

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