Thursday, December 29, 2011

Channeling My "Pisstivity" - Thanks Dolvett!

You've just got to love it when a word clicks with you.

It's even better when this is a recently made up word. I've heard it a couple of times during this past season of Biggest Loser from new trainer Dolvett Quince, but it really hit home with me when the Thanksgiving special re-aired two nights ago. (Probably because someone had raised my pisstivity level...Ha ha)

"Pisstivity" is listed in the Urban Dictionary pertaining to the degree or level at which you are ticked off at someone or something. While I like that definition, I prefer to think of it another way.

To me, pisstivity is a state of being, in which you channel any frustration, anger, or other trying emotions into doing something positive. You don't sit around just being mad or letting things get to you. You do something constructive with your feelings and turn them into a blessing.

In Dolvett's case, he has his contestants and clients work out their pisstivity in the gym. I have discovered that this really does work. The first spin class after being in my recent upsetting situation was the best ride I'd ever had. Every workout since has gone to another level. I channel what was said to me about how I'd never reach my goals (in fitness AND in life) into extra motivation and pushing myself even harder. And I feel so much better both body and spirit!

There are also other ways to channel your pisstivity. If someone tells you that you won't get anywhere with your chosen career, find ways to work harder or smarter and set better goals for yourself. There's nothing like having somebody tell you that you can't do something to motivate you to prove them wrong. (Of course, that shouldn't be your sole motivation - there are many reasons to work toward your goals!) If you're angry about the economy and you have the resources, do something to help others who are struggling, just like the people who paid off all of those layaway accounts this Christmas for families in a rough financial spot. Even if you can only afford to do a little bit, it still helps. If you feel for people with cancer or other illnesses, help raise money for a cure. Or take some time to read to sick children or do chores for someone who is unable because of illness.

Channel your emotions into doing something good for yourself or others. That's the highest form of pissitivity.

Pissed + Positivity = Pisstivity Thank you Dolvett!!!

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