Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Biggest Loser 12 Challenge: Holiday Success!

Holiday challenges...they're EVERYWHERE.

There's decorating, gift shopping and Christmas cards to take care of. We have Christmas parties and other events to attend. Rich desserts and high calorie foods are at every turn. Plus it's harder to schedule our workout time with so much going on.

Can you not only survive, but THRIVE during the holidays? Absolutely. I managed to lose alomost 2 pounds over Thanksgiving - so anything is possible!

This week I had tree trimming, decorating and shopping to do. I didn't get all of my exercise in, but I made sure that everyday I did something. And I still kept my regular spin, yoga and Pilates appointments. I swear that's what keeps me sane, especially right now.

I also had a Christmas party last night with my Cleveland bloggger friends. It was so nice to finally meet everyone and have a good time. I brought healthy options - shrimp and a fruit tray - and ate carefully. There was a good balance between treats and healthy fare on the table, since many of my friends are also fitness/health bloggers too. (And I HAVE to find out how Crystal makes her cucumber-mint water so fabulous!)

It's always tricky when you have a party the night before a weigh-in, but it all turned out well. I lost one pound for the week amidst all of the fun and madness. That's a big victory at this time of year.

Next week is the Biggest Loser finale, so I will have my final challenge weigh-in and post final numbers. How did you do this week? Please drop me a line here or at #BL12Challenge on Twitter. We can get through the holidays without losing our progress...it takes some effort, but I promise it's worth it!

P.S. That Mariah Carey picture is to motivate me...so that next year I can fit into that cute Santa dress. Even Mariah can fit back into it after having twins, so why not? ;o)

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