Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 12 Finale -What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been

What a crazy ride we've all been on with this season of Biggest Loser.

We've had meltdowns, name-calling, tantrums...and most of them came from one person in particular. Someone who cared only about having the confetti fall on his head, no matter what the cost.

So I suppose it's only fitting that the finale concluded the way he'd always dreamed...with it being all about John.

Thankfully, there were several other stellar moments to remember from the final show of Season 12. As each set of contestants came out on stage, it was obvious that they had all transformed on the outside. What was even better was seeing that inner glow radiate from their faces and shine through their eyes. To me, that's what the show is all about - getting healthy and changing your life.

Some things were done differently from previous finales, which honestly didn't sit well with me and many of my friends on Twitter. Everyone weighed in ahead of time, which is normal for the show, but not everyone got to step on the stage scale. It was calculated before the finale which three players had the highest percentages for the at-home prize, and those three would step on the scale. The others only had their weights announced by Alison, which really took away from each person having his or her own special moment at the finale. I hope they go back to the old way for next season.

Also, the finalists came through a parted doorway with their before images on it instead of stepping through the paper one. Maybe the producers thought the "high-tech" way would be cooler, but breaking through that paper represents each of them breaking away from their old way of life into the new one. This is one time when technology is NOT better...and once again I hope it gets changed back for next season.

The three players weighing in for the at-home prize were Vinny, Patrick, and Jennifer. Did you see the muscles on Vinny? Wow! Patrick looked pretty hot as well. And Jennifer...what a knockout! She played along well with her "love for Bob" montage, which was quite funny. Bob even presented her with a bouquet of flowers. (Most of us agreed that we also have our own crushes on Bob...we just don't get to announce it on TV!) It came down to Jen and Vinny, just as I had predicted earlier today. Yes, I'm giving myself a pat on the back - but not for too long, so I don't have to visit my chiropractor. The difference was 3 pounds, with Jennifer taking the prize. I was so happy for her that I cried. (Of course, as you know by now I'm a crier...especially when it comes to BL!) All those weeks ago when the others sent her home, I'd figured the real reason was because she was a tough competitor (overcoming her knee injury and still pulling great numbers) and a real threat. Turns out she was a true threat after all!

When it came time to reveal the three finalists, each of them got to speak. The letter Ramon's mom sent to the show was really touching, thanking them for saving her son's life and turning him around. Antone's kids are adorable, and he looks amazing. Then we got to John.

John seemed to go on forever, taking much more time than the others did to talk. Dolvett and Bob spoke about John's competitiveness and how proud they were of him...but when the time came for John to answer back he went on and on about Bob, totally ignoring Dolvett. Yes, we all love Bob and he's one of the best trainers anyone could ever have. But so is Dolvett. John also trained with Dolvett, with Dolvett opening his own soul to John about being adopted and the way he grew up in order to get John to confront his emotions. Dolvett had just as much of a part in John's success - but was totally dissed by him. I think Bob was even embarrassed by this. Dolvett is a class act, and I'm very happy he's back for Season 13!

Speaking of next season, how about those previews? Looks like Santa Claus is in training! Bob worked him so hard that he was afraid he'd killed Santa. Santa wasn't run over by a reindeer...he was run over by Bob Harper! And even though Season 13 is couples, half of each pair will train with Dolvett and the other half with Bob...pitting them against each other from the start. It's going to be interesting!

Finally, it was time to weigh-in the finalists. Ramon and Antone both did an incredible job, but in the end John was crowned the new Biggest Loser. I do commend him for all of his hard work. It was a strange sight to behold though - it looked like John truly enjoyed the confetti, but after that when he was talking to other people or they were hugging him he looked kind of sad. There was no inner glow or light in his eyes. It seems as if John concentrated so much on that "winning moment", that he didn't know what to do after the confetti finished falling. That may not bode well for his future in keeping the weight off, although I really hope I'm wrong. I think he still has a lot of issues that he hasn't dealt with yet, which could come crashing down on him since he only thought about winning and not the bigger picture. (Maybe that's why he didn't mention Dolvett..because he didn't want to think about those issues that Dolvett was helping him deal with.) I wish him luck with that. I have a feeling he's going to need it.

And that's a wrap on Season 12. Congratulations to all of the contestants...and I'm looking foward to Season 13, which starts in just 3 weeks!

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