Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Biggest Loser 12 Challenge: Finale Weigh-In!

Let the confetti fall on me! Well, let's at least pretend it's falling on me...today is the final weigh in for the #BL12Challenge and I have reason to celebrate!

Let's start with this week loss, which was only a .4 pound loss. I'll take it, since I'm just finishing up with my "gift" for the month and sending it away with that crazy lady that Mother Nature uses to present it to me. (I know - my imagination runs wild with that lovely commercial.) She can keep it until next month!

But it's also time to look at the bigger picture...or, if you really want to think about it, the SMALLER picture. Over the course of this season, I've lost 16.2 pounds. I'd set a goal of 25, which I did not reach - but I still lost over 16 pounds, and this challenge helped me get there. Since I started the season at 216, that means I'm now in...


That's right, my total weight loss for the challenge puts me at 199.8. I know that's just squeaking into this much dreamed of territory, but it's still One-derland. I will not be going back to the 200's, so this is a major reason to celebrate.

Since I plan to rock Hannah's & Olivia's Christmas Challenge, there will be no backsliding...not into old habits or the terrible 2's. Only more progress from here!!!

So how did you wrap up my challenge? Drop me a comment here, or tell me at #BL12Challenge on Twitter. I want to hear your successes for the season.

And I can live with the virtual confetti shower. This way I don't have to vaccum up the real thing!


Katie J ♥ said...

Happy Day! Onderland is a great place to be Marie!

WriterMarie said...

Thanks Katie! It's a great day!!! :o)

BEE said...

great job!!!!
cant wait to get to onderland too only 4 pounds away