Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Has Sprung!!!

Happy Spring!!! I'm so psyched that we are closer to warmer weather and more sunshine. Here in Cleveland, spring can sometimes be an iffy proposition...we have been known to still get some snow and have pretty chilly days, but they are mixed with much nicer weather.
One thing I really love is being able to finally have some outdoor workouts. When the nice days pop up it gets me out of cabin fever mode, feeling the freedom of walking or sprinting without the treadmill. More sun also improves my mood, and helps me get more of the much needed Vitamin D into my system. Winter is one of those seasons that I like at Christmas and during January, but after that I get itchy for a nicer climate.
My scale showed progress today...I lost .6 pounds. Still moving in the right direction, and working hard toward my birthday goal. Pretty soon it will also be time to break out my tennis racquet, which ALWAYS makes my happy! Here's to a successful spring for all of us!

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