Thursday, March 3, 2011

Crafts and Craziness

Welcome to one nutty week at my household! My son did not have school last Friday because of the snowstorm. Sunday night we then had a major thunderstorm with buckets of water falling for hours. School was closed Monday and Tuesday this week because of flooding, with a couple of rooms in the school still unusable because of the water damage. On top of that, during that storm the seal broke on our living room window and began to leak into the house. It wasn't a really bad leak, but enough to make me nervous as the rain kept coming down. School was in session yesterday and today, with the kids having a scheduled day off tomorrow because of teachers' meetings. Tonight are parent-teacher conferences, and the school has to reschedule the band concert which was supposed to have been Monday night.
Fast forward to today...the sun is out and I'm getting a lot done. I've met all of my writing deadlines for the week so now I can think about crafts. (And quite possibly, a nice glass of wine to unwind from the last few days.) March is National Craft Month, and I always think about those days and evenings making stuff with my mom and my cousin Carol. God gave me the gift of being creative with words, and I also love to try anything else creative or crafty. Some of you may know that I make jewelry as well and am attempting to learn to paint in my "free" moments. I have a long list of ideas to fool around with, and any chance to try them out makes my happy.
If you have any favorite crafts, please let me know how you get creative. And during the month of March, let us give honor and praise to God, who crafted all of us in His own image. He is the ultimate craftsman!
P.S. With the crazy week I had, I did remember to weigh myself but never had a chance to post until now. I lost another 1.2 pounds for the week! :o)

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