Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fat (???) Tuesday

Does anyone else hate the term"Fat Tuesday" like I do? I absolutely love Mardi Gras, but the popular alternate term for the name rubs me the wrong way.
No, it's not just the word "fat" as being derogatory to people who are overweight. It's the whole concept of spending the day before Lent starts stuffing yourself full of food because the next day you will be fasting, giving up something until Easter, and going without meat on Ash Wednesday and the next few Fridays. We are supposed to be able to handle that without needing to jam it all in the day before...it kind of takes away from what Lent is all about.
The other thing about "Fat Tuesday" is that it represents exactly what we all do, or used to do, right before starting our latest diets. We've all said "I'm going to start eating healthier on Monday (or New Year's, or any other specified day) so until then I'm going to eat every food that's bad for me that I love...all I want, since I won't be able to eat those foods once I start." Stuffing ourselves the day before Ash Wednesday perpetuates the mindset that we need to binge every time we are getting ready to do something good for ourselves or God. It makes us think "all or nothing", instead of the moderation we should have on our minds.
I'm all for a Mardi Gras party, and I treat myself to one small indulgence...usually an apricot filled paczki somewhat in tradition with the day. Just one, not an entire box of them. So if you want to wish me Happy Mardi Gras that's fine...but not "Fat Tuesday". I did not lose or gain this week, but next week I plan to see a big loss on the scale. No pre-Lent binging for me!


Katie J said...

I learned today that translated from French that Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday.

WriterMarie said...

Well, that figures! LOL At least it sounds better in French! ;o)

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