Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Birthday Goal

Since I have now moved my scale dates to Tuesdays, I stepped on this morning to see how the week went. I did lose, even though it was only .4 pounds. As pleased as I am that I'm still headed in the right direction, it's time to really step things up.
I've decided to set a goal for my birthday. I will be under 200 pounds by April 26. Since this morning I weighed 209.2, I have approximately 10 pounds to get rid of in the next 6 weeks. (As far under 200 as possbile by then is good!) Even accounting for normal monthly fluctuations (like when Aunt Flo comes to visit) this goal is very doable...as long as I focus on my plan and work harder at it.
My spring cleaning will not only get rid of stuff sitting around the house that we don't use anymore, but also that extra weight which is no longer welcome on my body. After walking through Wal-mart on Friday night (I know...what an exciting evening) and seeing all of the new swimsuits out on display right up front, I'm more than ready. I've never shied away from a bathing suit at the pool or beach and never will, but I'm looking forward to wearing a much smaller size this summer. In fact, I have a size 14 suit hanging up where I can see it all the time at a reminder.
These goals are necessary to keep me focused...and with God's help I WILL make them happen!


Deirdra said...

Yes, you will! Good for you! It seems that so many of us are on this journey... Happy to share in it with you!

Keep up the good work & size 14 is coming soon to you!


WriterMarie said...
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WriterMarie said...

Thanks Deirdra! We are all here to help each other and we will get there! :o)