Wednesday, December 1, 2010

December Goals: Merry Christmas to Me!

Happy December 1st! It's time to make a new set of monthly goals, even though we are diving into the holiday season. I had set goals for November, but some of them were not met because of the chronic fatigue problem. However, as a blog reader pointed out, I did something about the fatigue problem and went about finding a solution instead of just using it as an excuse to abandon my healthy plans. In the past, I would have just quit on my fitness goals with something like this...but I really have come too far to go back. I really like being able to accomplish things!
I also did modify some holiday recipes and drink plenty of water, which helped me get through November in better shape than I normally would have. Now that I have my energy back, here are my December goals:
1. Continue with the H2O, while limiting the special holiday beverages that are so tempting this time of year.
2. Modify some more recipes and find healthier cookie ones. I have to get my brother's awesome veggie casserole recipe he served on was healthy and full of flavor!
3. Even on the busiest days, I will get at least 30 - 45 minutes of vigorous exercise. On days I have a little more time, an hour will be the goal.
4. Remember that working out does not give me license to eat unlimited amounts of cookies, candy, eggnog, or other holiday goodies. The calories and fat will still add up to more than I can burn off!
5. Lose 8 -10 pounds during December, by keeping to my plan listed above.
6. Find non-edible ways to be in the Christmas spirit, remember the true meaning of the holidays, and fully enjoy the season!
Feel free to share your December goals with me as well...together we can keep each other on track to start 2011 in a much healthier way!

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