Monday, December 27, 2010

God and Santa Were Good To Me!!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas! I know I sure did...we still didn't have a lot of funds to spend for the holidays this year, but that didn't really matter. The major gift I asked for was a pair of new running shoes, the Nike Dual Fusion in Blue/Green. Santa (my husband and son) could not find that color combination, so they got me the Dual Fusion pictured above in Black/Retro/White. When I unwrapped them on Christmas morning, I discovered that I like this color combo much better, so it all worked out. Plus...I have new running shoes!!!
Even better was Christmas Eve Mass at my sister-in-law's church...even though we had to stand the whole time the service was beautiful. We spent time at her house and then went to my dad's on Christmas. Everyone had a great time and it's truly a gift to catch up with all of our friends and relatives at the holidays. Jesus is the true reason for the season, which makes Christmas special no matter what the material gifts are under the tree.
I did weigh myself this morning, and I gained .6 pounds. No beating myself up over that, because I enjoyed some treats without going overboard and gained only a little over half a pound. Back to business today...and I get to break in the new shoes!

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