Monday, December 6, 2010

Weather Is Frightful...But Fitness Is Delightful!!!

Yes, the snow is falling softly outside of my window as I write today. It looks very pretty now that the wind has died down, and since I'm not in the Snowbelt it's not piling up too high (at least this time!). And the city snow plow has actually been coming by regularly to keep the streets clean!
I got my workouts in every day this past week...some were longer, some were shorter, but I still got my exercise in each and every day. This has always been a challenge during the holiday season for me, which is why I made it one of my December goals. It's my Christmas gift to myself - much better than "treating" myself to unlimited holiday goodies all season. Weigh-in was this morning, and I lost 1.6 pounds. This means I lost what I gained over Thanksgiving plus a little bit more...and it's a great start to my goal of at least 8 pounds lost during the most wonderful time of the year.
Speaking of December fitness, I have a new article published with an overview of the health and fitness magazines that are out this month. Please check it out at and see which articles intrigue you the most. Onward toward our December really is the gift that keeps on giving!

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