Friday, March 26, 2010

Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque

Since the snow decided to fall yesterday afternoon here in Ohio, I'm back to the treadmill and dreaming of spring. Lately I've been thinking about spring about a decade ago, when I was able to visit New Mexico. I fell completely in love with the state, taking day trips to Santa Fe and spending the majority of my time in Albuquerque.
People always talk about the lights of Albuquerque, and even write songs about them. Everything I've heard is true, and even the pictures don't do it justice. You really have to witness nighttime there in person to experience it. I remember having dinner at a restaurant above the city and almost being too mesmerized to eat. (Sounds like a good diet plan to me!) I loved everything from the Native American culture to the chiles, both red and green...and don't make me choose a favorite. It all depends what I'm in the mood for!
This was one of those trips when I walked almost everywhere, and ate healthier foods prepared with those wonderful chiles. I'm pretty sure this was the only vacation I ever took where I lost two pounds! I know spicy foods can give metabolism a boost, but so does being in an environment that you love to explore...without even feeling tired from all of the exercise.
It's time to pull out those Southwestern cookbooks I acquired on my trip, and see what I can whip up that's spicy and good for me. I will keep you posted on those recipes, and dream of New Mexico while I work out. And hopefully soon I'll be able to make a return visit!

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