Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Biggest Loser: I Deserve To Take Care Of Me!

Last night's Biggest Loser was really interesting to watch, as the ten remaining players all went home for the week to see how they would handle being away from the ranch and back in their old environments. They did pretty well, most likely thanks to a 26.2 mile biking challenge they all had to do in front of the family and friends who watched them at their inital hometown weigh-ins. They still had to deal with temptations from some family members and the hangouts they used to frequent, but they handled those situations with grace...and inspired the people closest to them in the process.
The two people who inspired me the most in this episode are Michael and Lance. Michael had to deal with his grandmother's illness, and was very stressed out about it. He admitted that the old Michael would have eaten his way through the stress, but now he worked it out in the gym instead. He realized that part of the reason for his grandma's health problems was her weight, and the fact that she did not take good care of herself. He doesn't want his family to have to go through the same problems with him.
Lance came back from his visit home in a funk. Bob could tell something was wrong, so he had a talk with Lance. He admitted that after being home for a week, he felt like he was abandoning his family again, and felt awful that he was leaving Melissa to take care of everything while he was still at the ranch. Bob finally got the message through that Lance to take care of himself too, and that in turn would make him a better husband and father.
I'm one of those people who always struggled with making time for me. I've learned that it's worse to let yourself go and just take care of everyone else, because in the long run they will all wind up having to take care of you because you didn't do it for yourself. I now make sure I have time every day to work out, de-stress, and recharge. Because of this, I am becoming a better wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, writer, etc. Life goes much better when you take care of yourself along with others!

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Patsy said...

I hear so much about this TV programme that I wish it was broadcast in the UK so I could see it for myself! :o)