Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cabin Fever...Be Gone!!!

It is SO nice to be able to go outside and enjoy this nice weather! Spring may not come for a couple of days yet on the calendar, but we definitely have great weather here in Northeast Ohio. Mother Nature is being very nice to us, and I couldn't be happier. (Hopefully she doesn't "treat" us to one of those April snowstorms!)

I was starting to have a really bad case of cabin fever for a while. It snowed like crazy in February, and the beginning of March was still pretty chilly. The treadmill was getting boring, and even though I have other workouts to mix things up, I craved walks outdoors. No sunshine made for a grumpier me at times. I had to crank up the Jimmy Buffett and Kenny Chesney to lift my mood and make me think of warmer weather. The music also helped me think about swimsuit season coming up!

I love that I can take long walks again outside, and run those sprints up and down the hill in our backyard. Soon I will be playing tennis again, and I really can't wait for that. The racquets are ready, and so am I. Bring on spring...full speed ahead!

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Patsy said...

The weather in the UK has been terrific and I've been really enjoying getting out and about again. Long may it continue! :o)