Thursday, October 29, 2009

Signs of Progress!!!

It's been a pretty good week so far...I'm dealing better with the stress and not turning to sweets to make me feel better. I'm also not letting my allergies stop me from exercising. Sure, my sinuses are not happy with me while I'm on the treadmill or working out to one of my dance DVD's, but that's OK. It will make for a healthier me in the long run, instead of being twice as miserable!
I am starting to notice some real signs of progress now. The one I really love is the definition I'm starting to see in my calves. No, they don't look like the picture above yet...but I am on my way to that! After seeing the improvement in my legs, I decided to try on my favorite pair of dark brown boots from last fall. I had such a hard time getting them zipped all the way last year. I got them to work, I'm sure just out of sheer will on my part. However, I was always afraid that the zippers were going to bust from forcing myself into them. When I put them on today, I had no problem zipping them up! I love these kinds of little victories!
I'm also enjoying the fact that some of my pants are fitting better, and that a couple of shirts that couldn't quite button last year now fit nicely. I know I still have a long way to go, but I like to see how far I've come. These are the things that keep me going, even when the number on the scale isn't exactly what I was hoping for. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I will keep going in the right direction, celebrate every mile marker that I pass, and continue on until I win the race!!!


Marcelle said...

I can relate to your boot story, this is the first time in my life I am able to wear boots and I havent always been overweight...but had huge calves due to my dancing and teaching aerobics/step etc...with dropping my body fat it has made a huge difference to my calves.
So well done on your can be so proud.

Sandra said...

And you WILL win that RACE!!!

Both you and Marcelle are lucky to be able to wear boots, my calves, even at my lowest weight, could never find boots to fit. They are huge suckers :)

Maybe one day I'll find some...

WriterMarie said...

Thank you ladies! And you will get there too Sandra! By the way, my legs are not as tan as the picture either...unless I go to one of my dancer friends for a spray tan! ;o)

Patsy said...

Yay! for the results you're seeing and feeling. :o) Even when I was 'skinny' I still needed wide-calf boots because my legs are disproportionately large! lol