Monday, October 19, 2009

Motivational Monday

This past week was extremely rough for me in terms of exercise. My son was home all week from school sick, and I did fit in some exercise...but no where near the amount I would normally do. I still ate pretty healthy, but I know I did not drink enough water each day. Kind of ironic, since the doctor told me to make sure my son stayed well hydrated. I made sure he got all of the water and fluids he needed...but in worrying about and taking care of him, I neglected to do that for myself!

It was really no surprise when I got on the scale this morning that I did not lose any weight. In fact, I gained .4 pounds. Now, I can't complain...with the way the week went I'm actually happy that I gained less than half a pound. I'm still under 200, and I will just move on from here.

The good news is that my son is feeling better and back at school. We found out that hundreds of kids throughout the district have been out sick, and his case was actually mild compared to most, so I'm thankful for that.

My motivational people this week are the folks at Oxygen Magazine. I am so inspired by the stories, and look forward to trying some of the exercises featured in the magazine. There are so many healthy clean eating tips and so much great advice from everyone involved. You can check them out at

Here's to a better week this week for all of us. This week I am picking up the pace and going full force. Let's blast that fat!!!


Marcelle said...

What a body on that woman on the cover...sure to motivate one.
WE dont get that mag here in Germany and when u do find it - it costs a fortune.

Patsy said...

Never heard of that mag before, but will check out the link...

Keep guzzling the water and doing the exercise and you'll get there! :o)

Fran said...

Glad to hear your son is getting better.

Don't know the magazine either cause I can't buy it here.