Monday, October 26, 2009

Motivational Monday...Figuring It Out!

This week was a rough week for me...those of you who read my last post know why. I'm doing a lot of soul searching to figure out what keeps holding me back at times. I seriously wasn't expecting a loss on the scale this week, but somehow I did manage to lose that .4 pounds that I had gained the week before while my son was home sick. So I am back at 198.4.
I have to admit I ate half a bag of Halloween candy while working through a lot of emotions. (This is the reason we ususally don't buy our candy until the day before Halloween...we would eat it all!) I also went for a special fast food trip on Long John Silver's. I know now exactly why I did that. I was missing my mom, and this was her favorite place to eat. I recall many a Sunday when my dad would go to early Mass because he sold real estate part time and had to hold Sunday open houses. My mom and I would go to a later Mass and then head to LJS for lunch...laughing, talking, and enjoying each other's company. We would have all kinds of conversations, about anything and everything. I only go maybe twice a year to eat there now, and usually sometime during October I wind up there because this is the month that I lost her and also her birth month.
So, I know some of my problem has to do with losing my mom and all of the complex emotions I still deal with. I'm still in the process of figuring the rest of it out: I know's there's more going on than just that. Since Friday, however, I've decided that I will journal my feelings and find something else constructive to do so I don't run for food to make me feel better. And now Long John Silver's has plenty of healthy options on the menu, so next time I can go in honor of my mom, but just not order my usual...I can still eat there without eating grease. I also know the reason I lost any weight this week is that I kept up my exercise, so it's crucial that I use exercise to work out my emotions.
I just discovered this week's motivational person. Shay from this season's Biggest Loser posted a link to her friend Jennifer's blog, GOING CLEAN With The Eat Clean Diet. I've already been exploring Tosca Reno's Eat Clean program, so this was perfect timing. Check out Jennifer at She shares many great tips and ideas!
This week WILL be better! I'm starting to have my breakthrough...and the world just better watch out! :o)


Marcelle said...

Thanks for the link, have added to my always looking for something different to cook - I'm not going to be buying any candy as I know I'll end up eating calls my name...x

Sandra said...

I love the Eat Clean "books" by Tosca. I used to see her stuff in the Oxygen Mag and when her books came out, I got into them. I've tried quite a few of her recipes from her cookbook and they are quite good. Clean Eating is my focus these days.

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