Monday, June 20, 2011

Was REALLY Hoping This Was A Joke! (AKA Don't Eat Their Kool-Aid)

After watching "Fried Kool-Aid" trending on Twitter for the past few days, I thought someone was just being funny and that the joke caught on. It had to be one of those weird trends that seem to pop up for no reason. This stuff couldn't be for real...right???

WRONG! I finally Googled it to see why this was a big deal. It turns out that a man who is known for coming up with new foods for the county fair circuit created this monsterpiece. He also makes deep fried Thin Mints, which to me not only ruins the taste of the cookies (if you are going to treat yourself to a couple) but adds greasy fat and calories that none of us need. The Kool-Aid powder is mixed into batter and then fried like donut holes. They resemble hush puppies (which I love but only eat twice a year to satisfy my craving) but have NOTHING nutritious in them. (Does this man get a cut of what the doctors make treating obese people or patients with high cholesterol? He's certainly helping them stay in business!)

It seems people are trying to deep fry anything and everything they can get their hands on. TGIFriday's took the nutrient-rich green bean and fried it to within a millimeter of its life to create an appetizer...which actually doesn't sound all that appetizing. Yes, we have some treats that are not good for us that we should parktake of sparingly -- but why take foods that are healthy and turn them into crap? Or take already unhealthy foods and make them worse?

I used to drink Kool-Aid all the time when I was a kid (Lemon-Lime being my favorite) before any of us knew just how bad it was for us. I don't drink it anymore and never make it for my son. You can bet that I won't be eating the Kool-Aid either...and this guy needs to stop drinking the funny stuff!


Marianne Hobbs said...

Amen, Sista!! Enough said!

Anna said...

It's just one of the ways people can make a living. They're not responsible for the people who choose to keep coming back for more.