Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Swimsuit Obsession - But Not What You Think!

I have a swimsuit obsession.

No, it's not about being obsessed with fitting into a certain size suit, though I am getting in shape.

It's all because I love swimsuits. I could spend hours looking over different styles, patterns, and colors. (In fact, I'm posting this blog about an hour later than I wanted to...because I got carried away looking at swimsuit pictures to use.) If I won the lottery, I would probably have one dresser filled entirely with swimwear. I love being at the pool or beach in a bathing suit, no matter what size I'm wearing. I admire fit women's suits, but also the variety of options now available for plus size chicks. (Maybe I should be a swimsuit designer!)

I do have quite a few suits of my own, in various sizes from being up and down the weight scale. I'm about ten pounds away from fitting into the next size down and I can't wait. I used to buy the Venus Swimsuit magazines, with my eyes glazing over seeing so many different options! I even posted pictures from them as inspiration, taking care to choose the models that had some curves...knowing I could never aspire to being a size 0 or a stick. I still have one up on my refrigerator now - a fit, healthy sized model in a cute black and white suit that reminds me to be careful what I reach for out of the fridge.

As I continue to lose weight and get in shape, I know my love of swimsuits will grow. I even have a pretty tasteful bikini waiting to be worn, that I bought quite a while ago and never got to use. I will wear it one day very soon. And with all of the additional swimsuit options I will have...I'd better hit that lottery!!!

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