Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How To Rock a Cold

Ever since he was little, my husband and I have taught our son to always share. I think he learned this lesson much too well...he shared his cold and sore throat with me. This is one thing I would have been happy for him to keep to himself!
The sore throat started yesterday, and I've been living on ColdEeze and plenty of fluids ever since. The stuffiness and sinus aches began today. Thankfully I'm not really having body aches, so I'm able to still get a lot done with breaks in between. I'm not working out as hard as I normally would, but still getting a lot of walking in plus some other exercises. (I almost decided to load up on garlic and onions like Tony & Audrina on Dancing With The Stars...but I know the bad breath would keep me from sleeping!) My mom was right about this home remedy though...Vicks VapoRub is amazing stuff, and rubbing it on my sinus areas and my throat gives me some relief and helps me sleep without coughing.
Gargling with salt water also works, and I'm about to make myself some nice hot tea to relax and soothe my throat. Usually I baby myself too much with a cold, but this time I'm getting enough rest without my day coming to a complete stop. I know my healthier habits are helping in this department as well, and I'm going to knock this cold out for good. The mucus family better pack their bags, because their stay at Hotel Marie is over!

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