Thursday, October 7, 2010

Autumn Workout Pleasures

*photo courtesy of Runner's World Magazine.

You cannot imagine how happy I am to see the sun shining today! We've had several days in a row of rain, rain, and more rain. I was ready to cast the new sequel "Marie Almighty" with my fellow Clevelanders and go to Home Depot to get enough wood and supplies to build my own ark. On top of a couple of already stressful days, the constant downpour and gray skies were depressing, to say the least.

After being relegated to my treadmill and DVD player for the past week, I'm ready to get outside to do my walking and sprints. Soon enough it will be winter and I will be stuck indoors more often than not, so I want to take advantage of every nice day I can. Now that it's October, some of the leaves are beginning to change to their bright autumn colors; while some trees are still green, others have completely turned orange, yellow, and red. There's nothing like a brisk walk or run through the fall foliage, and the cooler temperatures are welcome. God is the true Artist, painting the most beautiful pictures throughout this world. He inspires me to create, and I thank Him for the gift of words that He has entrusted to me. I can only hope and pray to use this gift to the full potential that He has in mind for me!

The weather and fall scenery are already putting me in a better mood. I can't wait to go outside in a couple of hours and enjoy every minute of my workout. Thank you God, for this wonderful world, and please help me do my part in making it what You want it to be!

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