Sunday, August 30, 2009

Wow! I Have a Lovely Blog!!!

I just received my second blog award a few days ago. Thank you to Annie at for bestowing the One Lovely Blog Award upon me. She is definitely shrinking and really amazing! She also inspires me on my journey, and I'm sending a big hug out to her right now!
Now that I've received this wonderful award, I am to thank the person who gave it to me, which is taken care of above. The other part of this honor is that I am to choose 15 blogs that I think are lovely, and give the award out to them. I love them all, but here are my 15:
Please check out these blogs, they are inspiring and incredible...and thank you again Annie!!! xoxoxo


FitterTwit said...

OMGosh! Thank you so much. I am speechless. I never imagined that anyone would like my blog that much! Please know that the feeling is mutual! Way to share your success with the world (that's probably the very reason you are successful)! :)

Julie said...

Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.


2Bmeagain said...

Ooooops! I gave you this same award several days ago, but didn't get around to notifying you till now.

Check it out at

WriterMarie said...

And I must have missed your post! I'll mention yours in my post in the morning...thank you sweetie! xoxoxo

Bob Soroky said...

Thanks for the recognition! And continued success with your blog and achieving your weight loss goals!