Monday, August 31, 2009

Motivational Monday

Well, I certainly thought I did everything right this week! I got on the scale this morning, really expecting to see a loss. I can tell how much looser my clothes are, and I now fit into a few things that were too tight to wear before. I know that is a sign that I am doing something right.
My scale did not show the number I was hoping for...I am back up to 206, which means I gained .8 pounds. I know that's less than a full pound, but I still didn't think that's what I would see this morning. I know I followed my plan, except for one single chocolate chip cookie on Saturday. Once again it's the time of the month for Aunt Flo to make her visit, so I'm thinking that may be the reason.
I have gotten past my initial disappointment, and I'm focusing on the clothing fitting better and the other positives that I'm noticing. (In being disappointed with the scale, I forgot to take my measurements...and I've already had breakfast so I can't do it now.) It's nice to hear my husband say that he can see me starting to get slimmer, and what a feeling having my son say that when he hugs me, his arms fit around me better now!!!
My motivational person for this week is the most recent winner of Nashville Star, Melissa Lawson. Not only did she go for her dreams of a singing career and win the competition, she lost 45 pounds while doing the show and continues to lose weight as she lives her dreams. If you want to find out more about Melissa, you can check out .
You know what else inspires me...the vision board I made for the challenge! I recommend this project to anyone on a weight loss journey. Looking at it will definitely keep you going on tough days, and motivate you even more on good days. It's the last week before Labor Day, so lets make it a great one!


Mesha said...

...u'r losing inches chick - DEFINITELY a good sign, don't let the scale get to ya. When i hosted my competition @ work i would tell them that the scale is not necessarily a mirrored reflection of your efforts, there are SO many variables to put in place. if u knw u laid it all out there this week, keep moving and the scale will get the hint soon enough. oh hey, and thanx for the award! i will post about it later - for now I posted the challenge for September. "Beat the clock!" Have a great week.

2Bmeagain said...

I hate when the scale doesn't show us what we are expecting it to. It happened to me this weekend, and through me a curve ball. BUT, I worked through it like you did today. I'm betting you have GREAT results next week.

Jenn said...

Aunt Flow is DEFINITELY a scale sabatager! Keep it up this week, and when Aunt Flow packs her bags and leaves you'll see the scale catch up.

WriterMarie said...

Thanks everyone...the week is going well so far. And I've already told Aunt Flo that she'd better behave on Saturday for the BBQ we're hosting! ;o)