Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Motivational Monday!

I want to start this post off by saying that I did really well this week with exercise and food. The only indulgence I had was splitting that scoop of ice cream at the beach with my son. I've been drinking a lot of water, and thought I'd see a big loss on the scale.

I stepped up to the plate this morning, and instead of a home run I hit it right into the pitcher's glove. (I was hoping for at least a double!) I now weigh 210.4...which means I lost .2 pounds this week. I have to admit that I am disappointed with this. I've thought of two reasons for the minimal loss: First of all it is "that time of the month", which almost always messes with my weight, so hopefully I'll show a bigger loss next Monday to make up for it. Secondly, this past Tuesday I drank a lot of diet soda, when I haven't been drinking it for a while. I didn't just have one can either. I've got to completely stay away from that stuff and see what happens. I haven't had any since then, but the amount I drank that day could very well have messed with my weight loss.

One of my Operation Fat Blaster friends, Melissa, recommended that I start measuring as well, because if the scale doesn't show much of a loss I may still have lost inches. Today I took my waist measurement, which is 43", and my hip measurement, which is 49 3/4". Now I'll have a reference point and check that weekly as well, so I can check my progress in more than one way.

My motivational person for this week is Ruby Gettinger, from the show Ruby on Style Network. For those of you who don't watch the show, Ruby was once over 700 pounds. She is now down to she's lost over half of her body weight, and most of the time with a beautiful smile on her face! If you want to check out some information on Ruby you can go to and see why she is such an inspiration!

I am certainly still going to work hard this week, and keep away from that diet soda! Time to move on from here and keep it moving!!!


Marcelle said...

I know the feeling after being so good and working out to only see a small weightloss....very frustrating, but a loss is a loss and that keeps me going as I know it will you.

Melissa Cunningham said...

keep up your hard work chica! i hear ya about the diet cokes,that is one of my vices as well!AND yes,please do keep up with measurements,bc the scale can be so harsh sometimes! but i do agree with marcelle,a loss is a loss,no matter how small--keep plugging away this week and im sure more will be gone soon!

happy training!

Kristine said...

Keep up the good work Marie! And, how does your son let you get away with splitting an ice cream? My boys would never allow me to eat theirs! PS. where did you get the great pic of the grapes?

WriterMarie said...

Thanks are all a huge help on this journey!

My son and I are both trying to lose...that's the only reason he let me split one with him! And I just Googled pictures of grapes and picked the best one! :o)

MochaTrina@Me So Hongry... said...

I can relate with a stellar week and a small loss. But that's good that you reflected on your week to see what you can do different the following week. I don't really fool with the diet soda, soda, or coffee. I mainly drink water with fruit in it.

Mesha said...

As I've said before, and I'm sure I sould like a broken record saying it - lol - but we celebrate ALL losses, even maintaining. We don't beat ourselves up over gains - we just make sure we have no regrets! I'm proud of you, you are doing great. It'll catch up, don't worry one bit. CONGRATS ON YOUR LOSS!!!

Melissa Cunningham said...

me again! just wanted to stop by and say that even though i havent been a "follower" very long i have awarded you the Honest Scrap award! stop by my post later today and see what its about!

as always,keep up your hard work!

WriterMarie said...

Thank you Melissa! I read your post, but when I tried to comment I'm suddenly being told that page doesn't exist! I'll have to try again later, and get my list ready to post tomorrow! xoxoxoxo

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