Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Biggest Loser 15 - Getting Into The Olympic Spirit


This week the contestants get to do something most of us dream of - train with Olympians. 

After last week's weigh-in, the remaining players got packed and onto a plane to Park City, Utah, to work out at the U.S. Olympic Training Center.  The first thing they noticed when boarding their flight was that they could walk down the aisle without bumping into other people already seated.  The other big victory...not only finding that seat belt extenders weren't necessary, but that there was actually room to breathe after buckling into the regular belt!

Once in Utah, Dolvett introduced everyone to Apolo Ohno, who jumped right into training and motivating the contestants.  He noticed that Rachel's mental switch was turned back on and advised her to never let it shut off again.  He also told David that his old inner athlete was coming back.  Apolo gave excellent advice for all of us - never just go through the motions in life, tap into your mental capacity and fight for yourself.  I know that's something I need to be reminded of every now and then...I'm sure we all do.

Of course everyone was worried about the weigh-in due to the travel schedule and major changes in routine...especially Bob.  Rachel proved that she was thinking ahead by preparing food from the ranch and packing it for the trip, so she wouldn't have to worry about falling into old eating patterns.  Bobby had a binge night at the beginning of the week, so he worked hard to overcome that the rest of the week - but Bob was still nervous and had a long talk with him. Bob also gave everyone a breakfast lesson to get them back on track.  Those mini frittatas look awesome, and I like how Chelsea plans to make them at home and use them as an on-the-go option before work.

The first challenge of the week is brought to us courtesy of the Women's Curling Team. They give encouragement to the contestants by telling them how hard worked at their second chance to make the Olympic team, and then Ali assigns the challenge.  Each player needs to push 100 pound curling stones into a target and land them in the red bulls-eye.  There are two heats of four, and two from each heat make it into the finals by scoring 3 points.  The person in the final round scoring 3 points first wins $5000.  Bobby and Rachel win Heat 1, David and Chelsea win Heat 2.  Rachel wins the final, and she can feel the pressure of being the number one threat/target in the group.  Now, however, she feels she can handle the pressure.

Bob puts everyone through a grueling obstacle course, which includes players riding piggyback with each other.  Marie can't jump high enough to get on Bobby's back, so she has him get on HER back and she carries him all the way.  Now that's a strong woman - she's in it to win it!

We also get an update on Tumi, who went home last week.  She's lost 139 pounds so far and is enjoying herself trying on wedding dresses, which she didn't do before at her old weight.  It's wonderful to see her reunite with her sister again as well.

Dolvett has a talk with Rachel about her dad, since they had a strained relationship after she quit competitive swimming and her parents divorced.  She was happy to report that after she told him about Biggest Loser, he's been writing her and showing plenty of support. They're on their way to mending their relationship, since they are bonding over athletic endeavors again.

The second challenge involved the bobsled track.  The contestants met the women's team of Jasmine and Lolo (yes - Lolo Jones from track and field!)  and got another lesson in second chances.  Then they all had to race UP the bobsled track, over a mile long, to win a one pound advantage at the weigh-in.  The altitude got to some of them but they all finished.  It came down to Rachel and Jay, with Rachel winning the pound advantage.

At the last chance workout, Jillian worked with Jen on her box jumps.  Jen's fear took over again, but this time Jill was able to talk her through it and get her to perform them.  I can totally relate to the fear, so kudos to Jen for overcoming it!

The weigh-in was held outdoors at night, at the Nordic Ski Jump site.  Five players lost weight, pleasing the trainers who were worried about the scale this week.  Jen lost nothing, but still stayed above the yellow line because Jay gained one pound and Bobby gained two.  Everyone voted to send Jay home, and he was a class act all the way.  I can't wait to see how he looks at the finale, which is coming up in a few weeks.

Next week is - wait for it - MAKEOVER WEEK!  I know we all look forward to this every season, and this time it will be fun to see David once he finally shaves that beard.  Tune in next week with me to see the transformations!

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