Thursday, June 28, 2012

Please Knock It Off With The Bacon Already!

It seems everywhere I turn I see bacon.  Restaurants and fast food places are putting it on everything.  Now, I like bacon - but I've never been able to eat more than a couple of slices at breakfast or a BLT...with more L and T than B.

Since I've been eating better I don't even touch the stuff, except for a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and bacon a couple of months ago.  I enjoyed it, it only had two strips on it, and my bacon craving is satisfied for the next several months.

Pretty soon though, I won't even want it once or twice a year, thanks to seeing it every five minutes on a TV commercial.   Denny's shows us just how much bacon they can stack on their BLT.  Double the bacon, double the heart attacks.  And just how gross is Burger King's bacon sundae?  Really?  My son and I stopped at a BK after swimming a couple of weeks ago, Whopper Jr for him, grilled chicken for me, split order of  fries.  That was our treat for the week.  But it was more like a trick when their board kept flashing the bacon sundae at us.  My son took one look and proclaimed it disgusting.  We sat as far away from the menu board as possible so we could eat in peace - and keep our food down.

From what I hear there is also a House of Bacon, where you can buy chocolate covered anything and everything made with bacon that you can think of (and some things you probably never would have dreamed up). 

I'm tired of looking at bacon all the time...and not just because I'm eating healthier, but also because there's TOO MUCH OF IT.  It's bacon overload.  Please everyone, knock it off with the bacon already - before all of our heads and stomachs explode!

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