Friday, June 1, 2012

June Fitness Goals!!!

Happy June 1st!  It's been a rough week with stress including a death in the family, but I know I have to get myself back on track.  And what better day to do this than the first of the month?

So here are the goals I've set for myself for the month of June:

1. Lose 10 pounds - doable as I commit to the other goals below.
2. Play more tennis!  I try so hard to get better and have so much fun I don't realize I'm exhausted until afterward.
3. Get back to drinking more water.  Over the holiday weekend and the stressful few days that followed, I drank diet soda more than I should have.  Time to cut that out!
4. Keep up with Spinning and Pilates.
5. More fresh produce - my fruit & veggie count wasn't that great this week either, and now is the perfect time to get the good stuff in!
6. Walk/run on days I'm not playing tennis or spinning.  I've done a lot of walking, but it's time to step it up more with running intervals.
7. Come up with more healthy alternatives for favorite foods that are not so good for me.  Limit treats!

My plan is to rock June!  How about you???

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William Holdipp said...

I really miss playing tennis myself. Now that I have lost 70 pounds and I am the point that I should not loose anymore, I am now working on my strengthening. I have an end of year goal of being able to do 100 push ups and 100 sits ups in one set. My goal for the end of June is to be able to do 40 push ups and sits ups in one set. I really want to start running too but will need a coach to help me with that.