Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Biggest Loser Season 12 Challenge!!!

*photos courtesy of NBC.

The day has arrived.

Tonight is the Season 12 Premiere of Biggest Loser. Not only do we have a brand new bunch of contestants, but 2 rookie trainers. Rookie, that is, to Biggest Loser. Dolvett Quince is already an amazing trainer in his own right and I expect him to do well. With Anna Kournikova there is more of a question mark. Obviously she's a great athlete and in top shape, but it will be interesting to see how she does training "losers" for a whole season.

I would like to present a challenge to all of my blog readers/friends. Make this the season you push yourself as hard as you can, just as if you were on the ranch being trained by Bob, Dolvett, or Anna. (Or Jillian...because we know she will always be there in spirit!) Try that exercise class that always frightened you but you secretly want to master. Pump up your workouts. Stop eating junk...ESPECIALLY while watching Biggest Loser!

This challenge also includes setting a goal. How much weigh will you lose by the finale in December? I set a goal for myself to be down at least 25 pounds by Thanksgiving. I weighed in today (first week) and lost 2.2 pounds, putting me at 213.8 for the start of this BL12 Challenge. I now amend my goal to include the first part of December up to the finale - I will lose at least 30 pounds by then.

I know I'm ready to watch tonight and so are you. Are you ready to join me in this challenge? Please post your BL12 Finale goal here and we can do this together!

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