Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Staycation - Good For Body and Soul!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven't blogged in a little while. The first few days were not by choice...I had to get a new modem and then catch up on my other work first. But the last three days were definitely by choice.

I desperately needed a vacation, but there are no funds in the budget to get away from it all. So it was time for a "staycation"...having a holiday at or near home to recharge when you can't afford a big trip. I made a conscious decision not to log on to the computer for three days, not even to write. You see, if I had turned it on to write, I would have been tempted to check my mail or social networking sites. The whole idea was to relax and enjoy the time without distractions, so I could be refreshed when it was time to get back to business. Since I don't have a Blackberry or iPhone, there was no tempatation in that department.

We never ventured far from home...we swam every day, went on long walks, and watched movies. I got to spend some uninterrupted time reading as well. I stuck to healthy foods except for one treat - ice cream on Sunday evening. I still drank plenty of water, especially with all of the time spent outdoors exercising.

The plan worked...I am now recharged and ready to tackle more writing and other ventures, plus I didn't wind up gaining any weight on this little vacation. In fact, I lost a little over a pound! How often do we go on any type of vacation and lose weight, unless it's at a spa or weight loss retreat? Not too often!

I highly recommend a staycation to all of you...even more so if you can't afford a regular vacation. With the stresses of life we all need to unplug and refresh our souls, so we can be more productive in the long run. Besides, we all need to enjoy ourselves now and then!


Hilary said...

I need one. Badly.

WriterMarie said...

You sure do've had a lot of stress this year! xoxoxo

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