Friday, July 8, 2011

Listen To Your Body - It Knows!!!

My body speaks to me.

No, it doesn't actually have a voice, but it doesn't need one. My body speaks without words...and I heard it loud and clear this week.

Over the Fourth of July weekend, I didn't eat a lot - but I did consume some foods that I don't usually have. A few salty tortilla chips here, a couple of diet sodas there, even a cupcake with VERY sweet frosting and other sugary treats found their way into my mouth. It wasn't overindulgence in large quantities that did me was what was in the foods I ate.

For the last three days, my body has spoken in several ways. My fingers puffed up from the extra sodium, making it hard to get most of my rings on. The migraine that followed let me know in no uncertain terms that I should have skipped the diet sodas. To complete the lecture from my body, my stomach hurt and was upset from too much sugar.

My body is letting me know that I have to stick with healthy foods and skip the stuff filled with salt, sugar, and chemicals. I'm recovering from the weekend by drinking plenty of water to flush out my system, eating nutritious foods, and working up a sweat as often as possible. I can already feel the difference.

My body knows what it's "talking" about...and so does yours. Pay attention to what YOUR body is telling you. God only gave each of us one body, and we have to take good care of it!


Hilary said...

A-to-the-Men. Seriously, my does does the same thing. The healthier I eat the more sensitive I become. It kind of makes you wonder how much illness could be easily preventable by eating whole, healthy foods. xo

WriterMarie said...

Exactly...all of the times we've felt rotten in the past were probably fueled by the junk we ate. Once you change to healthy foods you really notice the difference. Thanks Hilary! xo

Janet Duros McClearen said...

Yes, it does. Mines been shouting at me. vacation was not about over-indulgence, just consumed foods that I'm highly sensitive to, and my body reacted. Not only that, but I didn't consume as much water as normal, was in an environment that aggravated my allergies, and didn't get the amount of sleep I'm accustomed to. It takes at least two weeks to work the offending foods out of the system. Last weekend was miserable, this weekend, less so, hopefully next weekend, my joints won't be shouting at me any more.

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