Monday, March 4, 2013

Biggest Loser 14 - Makeovers and Motivation

It's that time of the season again, one of our favorite episodes...MAKEOVER WEEK!

Tim Gunn and Ken Paves were on hand once again to transform the contestants with new clothes and hairstyles, and it wasn't just the adults having all the fun.  Our three teen ambassadors got their own makeovers!  It was so wonderful to see Tim let Lindsay and Sunny look through the clothes and teach them how to put together stylish and flattering outfits, so they would know what to do at home as well.  And it was pretty funny when he tried to get Biingo interested in fashion...I know the feeling, having a 14 year old son myself.  With my son, it's always T-shirts and shorts, unless he's wearing his tux for choir - which he actually enjoys wearing!   And I do think Biingo finally appreciated the clothes Tim picked out for him...even if he still prefers his usual T-shirts.

As for the five adults, all of them had really great makeovers that affected them on both the outside and the inside.  The one that hit me the hardest was Gina, since we are so close in age and I see a lot of myself in her - having to get over fears and confidence issues, and sometimes doubting when you've already proven you're getting stronger.  I can relate the most to her this season, so watching her try on clothes (size 10 now instead of 20!) and reveal her new haircut really got to me.  She's making such great strides that I can't help but be proud of her, and inspired to keep making strides in my own life!

Everyone was flown home to show off their new looks to family and friends, and they got to stay home for two weeks.  Alison had a couple of challenges for them during this time.  First of all, every player who lost at least 5% of his or her body weight when they came back to the scale would have immunity and stay for the final week on the ranch.  And secondly, each of them needed to lead their hometowns in a workout, in order to inspire their communities to get healthier and pay it forward.

This was an excellent challenge for them, because we know how hard it is every season for the contestants to be in their old environments and keep doing what they've been doing on the ranch.  Going out to favorite restaurants proved to be extra hard this time, looking at foods they used to order and that their loved ones still eat in front of them.  Jeff really showed great restraint, eating a salad while all of his friends were eating wings, potato skins, ribs, and other unhealthy stuff.  Gina had to send her food back...she's learned that being gracious doesn't mean not speaking up for yourself when something needs to be addressed.  I wonder about her server though - she told Gina at first that she gave her what she ordered, then finally said she might have brought the wrong plate out.  There was such a MAJOR difference between the two dishes that it almost seemed like she'd brought the wrong food on purpose.  But Gina still passed the test with flying colors!

The community workouts really got everyone involved, and some past contestants even came in to assist, including Olivia and Marci from Season 11.  It's really important that all of us, whether we are on Biggest Loser or not, share what we learn about nutrition and fitness with others to we can all live better lives.  Getting our health back is much too important to keep to ourselves...we need to share the wealth.  And believe me - health IS wealth!

At the end of the two weeks, the five adults came back to the ranch to face the scale.  Every single one of them hit or surpassed the 5% goal, so they all get to stay for the final week.  But next week, the people with the top two percentages of weight loss will automatically be in the finale...and the person that comes in last will automatically go home.  The ones in 3rd and 4th place will be subject to America's vote for the third spot in the finals, which will be revealed at the finale.

Who will be guaranteed spots in the finals, and who will go home?  I can't wait to find out next week!  How about you???


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