Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Biggest Loser 12: It's Always Sunny in Texas - But Not Necessarily on the Ranch!

"I wanna be a cowboy, and you can be my cowgirl..."

Do you remember that song by Boys Don't Cry? Apparently, neither do cowgirls. (Just ask Brooks & Dunn/Reba!)

On this week's Biggest Loser, Sunny proved that cowgirls don't cry, even when they're ordered by their trainer to carry huge bags of horse feed up the stairs. (Horse feed's better than horse sh...oh, never mind.) Since she won the "Price Is Right" style challenge in which she got to take Bob home to Texas for a week, she also took on the responsibility for her entire team. Only her weight would count at the weigh-in.

Bob charmed all of Sunny's friends and family, at least up until the moment at the BBQ restaurant when he ordered for everyone because the menu offered little in the way of vegetables and other healthy foods. Awkward! Bob got his payback for that when Sunny made him ride the mechanical bull, which was kind of hot, by the way. BBQ can be healthy if you stay away from ribs and order chicken or lean brisket...but you also need to watch for the side dishes. Hopefully the place where Sunny's family eats will add salads (other than 3-Bean) and less fattening sides...if they know what's good for them.

Since Bob grew up on a farm, he really put Sunny thru the paces. He had way too much fun making her push trucks and lift those feed bags! But a special moment came in her local gym. Sunny flashed back to being in that gym before and having a bunch of teenagers making fun of her. She spilled her guts to Bob and worked through it.

Even though I live in Ohio, I can completely relate to Sunny. She has a husband and son who are really active and would like her to join them, but she always stayed home because she was embarrassed. She remembered being in shape when she first got married, but over time she let things get away from her. I also have an active husband and son, and my son always wants to know why I don't accompany them on bike rides and such. I am working on it, since I've started spin classes I'm getting stronger and will soon be able to join them. (I do occasionally play tennis with them, but need improvement! Oh, Anna???) When I would go walking in my neighborhood or other places, I often had kids, teens, and even adults yell out nasty comments to me. Yes, it hurt a lot. It still gets to me occasionally, but most of the time I work past that and keep on moving. I will have the last laugh as I become fitter each day!

Sunny needed to lose at least 7 pounds to keep her team safe from elimination. Well - she lost 14! Her teammates were thrilled, especially since while she and Bob were gone they had some issues with each other. (I still want to know how Dr. Dre could have helped. Hmm...) She truly did crush the competition...all by herself.

I know I'm learning a valuable lesson from Sunny, as are many of you. We can do more than we think we can. Keep on pushing, and we can make it happen!

And I'll be Bob's cowgirl anytime...whether he wants me to or not!

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