Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Extreme Weight Loss - Singing A New Song

I haven't been able to watch the first couple of episodes of EWL this season because of work - and then there were those pesky NBA finals.  (At least the Spurs won!) I'm glad that EWL was back already tonight...and it couldn't have been a better episode for me to start with.

I have a lot in common with Jayce.  He's a songwriter in Nashville who always wanted to be the artist performing the songs as well, but his weight held him back.  As for me, being a writer who's written songs since I was 15 and also having the same dream, I couldn't help but root for him.

He also couldn't swim, which is something I still need to learn as well.  My fear of the water isn't as bad as his was, since I love to get in the pool and work out.  But I don't actually swim, and really want to learn.

Jayce started his weight loss journey at 417 pounds.  He also quit smoking at the same time, which is very impressive.  It's hard enough to undo one bad habit - let alone two or more.  He had some setbacks, but conquered the smoking. I felt terrible for him dealing with the custody battle for his son.  His ex-wife has made his life hell, not only while they were married, but also afterward.  Jayce's son told him he deserved to be healthy - showing that in spite of the drama his mother causes he's still learned a lot of good things from his dad.  I pray that the whole situation gets resolved soon, considering that his son would be better off living with him.

Through all of these ups and downs, Jayce persisted and kept losing weight, even if he didn't always reach the goat that Chris set for him.  In the end, he lost 188 pounds to weigh in at 229, qualifying him for the skin removal surgery.  He also performed his music on stage at the final reveal. Plus - Chris had Olympic gold medalist Ryan Lochte help him overcome his fears and learn to swim.  Not bad for a 365 day journey!

I look forward to seeing - and hearing - what Jayce does in the future.  I just might even have some songs published myself...so here's to writing and singing brand new songs!

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